A Beginner’s Guide to Fixer-Upper Financing

So you’ve found your dream home, but it needs some TLC. Here are three things to consider while financing your fixer-upper.

Choose Wisely

Beginner Guide Fixer Upper Financing

Make sure you’ve had an unbiased home inspection before you begin. Then locate a licensed and experienced contractor. These two variables can make or break your home improvement plan. So take your time while researching your options.

Create Your Budget

No matter what financing option you choose, you will have to write up a budget before appraisal. Your contractor’s improvement estimates guide your budget. Be realistic with your contractor about the home-rehab you’re planning, and you’ll be one step ahead in your budget book.

Know Your Options

The most common financing option for full-on fixer-uppers is known as the renovation mortgage. This form of mortgage compiles your regular mortgage with your estimated improvement expenses. Two of these are the Federal Housing Administration’s 203(k) mortgage and the Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation mortgage. Renovation mortgages have strict guidelines and varying requirements, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with them before making your decision.

No matter what your fixer-upper plans may be, First Lenders is here to help you find the home that’s right for you. Contact our team and begin your search today!