Can You Move In on Your Closing Date?

Can You Move In on Your Closing Date

Closing Date

Buying a new home is very exciting and you will, no doubt, want to move in as soon as possible! However, it is unfortunately not always possible to move in immediately after your closing date. If you were wondering just how early you can move into your new home, well, the offer will always confirm various points, such as the closing date as well as the occupancy date. It is therefore always wise to specify your closing and occupancy date when you write the offer on the property. Your realtor will help you along and will prompt you to specify a date. Sometimes, the seller needs a little more time in their home after the closing date as they may be finalizing a purchase on their own, future house. If the terms of contract confirm that this is in order, the sellers are entitled to stay until they are ready.

It is always wise to be flexible when purchasing a new home. You may have to let the sellers have up to a week to 10 days before you can move in. Note also that your occupancy cannot be modified once it has been written into the contract it is, therefore, crucial that a reasonable date is specified. A leaseback can take place if you would like to take occupation of the house for a short time after the closing and, in this case, you would have to pay the sellers rent. At the end of the day, your closing date is the most important point of your property transaction. When the closing date arrives, you are then the owner of your new, dream home and it is definitely a time to celebrate! As always, compromise and good negotiation is key to any successful real estate transaction.