Congrats! Your Offer Has Been Accepted… Now What?

Your offer has been accepted, and you’re well on your way to having the keys for your new property in your hands. Once you’ve finished celebrating, it’s time to look at the next steps you need to go through before your moving date – and there’s plenty still to do. Here’s what happens next once your purchase offer is complete:

Pay all required fees and amounts

For any fees, bills, and required payments included as part of your offer, it’s vital that you pay that money off as soon as possible. This keeps the ball rolling and the process going smoothly – because you don’t want to find out you’ve missed out on something you need to pay, leading to a delay in getting into your home further down the line. Keep a checklist of all the moving parts going on, and you’re less likely to get lost in it all.

Book an inspection

Schedule in property inspectors to view your home as soon as you can; their job is to check the property is up to the standard advertised, advise on any urgent repairs, and so on. This is an important step, and certainly isn’t one to skip if you want to ensure you’re getting the property precisely as it is on paper.


Speak to your choice of lender

Presumably, you’ve already provisionally agreed to a mortgage with the lender of your choice, if you are going down the loan route. If so, now’s the time to sign the dotted line, pay your down payment, and cover everything necessary to get you financially ready to own your property. It’s also essential to stay on the level in your financial situation during this time, as you’ll undergo credit checks. So no big credit card spending or car loans, if you want to ensure everything goes through as it should.

Complete an appraisal

Following your inspection, and appraisal should be booked alongside reviewing the title commitment to check the value of the property. This is all part of the process of confirming the property value to the lender and is a necessary step in-between the offer and the final purchase completion.

Get your insurance in place

You’ll want home insurance in place for your property, so go ahead and set everything up now to start on the day you move in. This ensures you’re protected from any issues or problems that may occur from the off. If you already have a home insurance provider, chat with them about the process of swapping it to a new property.

Get ready to close

Closing is the final step in the process, where everything is made 100% official. Make sure you bring a form of ID and all the documents you need with you to complete the process. You may also want to schedule a final walkthrough just before to ensure everything looks suitable for your purchase, and there are no new issues on the cards.

Prep for that final moving date

Book your movers, sort your utilities and send out the change of address notices – because you’re ready to move in! At this point, the keys will be all yours, and all you have to do is settle into your new home. Time to pop that champagne, maybe?

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