Loan Application: The Top 3 Things Lenders Look For

Do you know what your lender is looking for?

loan application


Nearly everyone has a credit score history, and your lender is interested in yours. Your loan application results may depend largely on how you’ve handled credit in the past and where your score lands currently. These details will be also vital as you figure out what home loans you qualify for. So consider checking your current credit, know your credit history, and look for some ways to increase your credit score if need be.


If you’re signing the line to make monthly payments, your lender likely wants to be sure you have the monthly income to afford them. If your income fluctuates, you may need to bring some extra paperwork to prove you can handle your loan. And remember, recent income/employment changes never look good to a lender.

Debt Ratio

Surprise! Your debt-to-income ratio (monthly debt divided by gross monthly income) matters as much to a lender as your credit score. Anything over a DTI of 50 is a pretty big turn-off to lenders. So be sure to take a look at where you are on the DTI scale before filling out your loan application.

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