Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent? 5 Reasons Why You Do!

Real Estate Agent

When looking for a new house to buy, most people consult property websites to see what is out there. At the click of a mouse, you have access to information on hundreds (if not thousands) of properties in your desired area. So, does this mean that you don’t need an real estate agent? Definitely not! Here’s why!

Need a Real Estate Agent 5 Reasons Why

1) Knowledge of the Area

No other person is better qualified to give you honest and in-depth information about the area you wish to buy into than your real estate agent! They know all about the area’s amenities, as well as all the properties for sale in the area.

2) Guidance on Price

Your estate agent has your best interests at heart and will always guide you in the right direction in terms of property prices. Your agent will also help you in devising a good negotiation strategy that will work!

3) Knowledge of Market Conditions

Home buyers normally have a vague idea of what is going on in the property market but real estate agents have the expertise and inside scoop! They can advise you on the area’s average selling price, the median price per square foot and other factors such as how many days certain properties have been on the market.

4) Negotiate on your behalf

Your estate agent knows exactly how to negotiate effectively because they know what both buyers and sellers are looking for. A good estate agent will present your case to the seller professionally and confidentially and do their utmost for the best outcome possible.

5) They handle the mountains of paperwork

When buying or selling a property, there is a large volume of paperwork involved that can, at times, be difficult to understand. Your estate agent understands everything regarding offers to purchase and can advise when something should be omitted or included.