The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Finding your dream home and signing on the dotted line can be a sigh of relief. However, this is only the first part of the moving process. From packing and organizing your household items to cleaning your furniture and new home, there’s a lot to do and keep track of when moving.

The last thing you want is to forget something that sends your budget spiraling out of control and makes your move more stressful. Fortunately, with a moving checklist, you can combat all the stresses and headaches of moving and stay on track.

Here’s the ultimate moving checklist to guide you every step of the way. 

8 Weeks Before You Move

It’s wise to start planning and organizing your move two months ahead of time to ease the process. Start by creating a moving binder or Google Doc that details every aspect of your move so that you can track everything easily. Some items to include in your binder are documentation, receipts, and contact information.

Next, create a budget for your moving expenses and identify what kind of move you’re doing – it can be DIY or outsourced. Once you’ve set a budget, you can look for moving companies in your area and get at least three estimates.

Then, identify all your appointments, including connecting utilities and scheduling inspections. If you can, take some time off work and plan your move on a Friday, as this gives you the rest of the weekend to get yourself organized and settled.

Lastly, plan how you’ll move your items and sell or donate unwanted items. Fragile, big, and oddly shaped items may require extra attention and can take up more of your moving budget. You can also start packing your first box, which contains all your vital documents and valuables.


6 Weeks Before You Move

Instead of buying all your moving supplies, collect some for free from restaurants, liquor, or grocery stores. You’ll be surprised at the number of supplies you’ll get, especially boxes, without spending a dime, cutting down your budget.

Once you have your boxes, start labeling them to make unpacking easier. You should also take pictures of items such as electronics before packing so that you know which wires go where when unpacking. Lastly, do minor repairs in your current home to increase the odds of getting your security deposit back.

4 To 2 Weeks Before You Move

First, decide on a moving company and get moving insurance to cover all your belongings during the move. Second, confirm packing options for your moving truck and contact your internet, TV, and utility providers to arrange the services at your new house. 

1 Week Before You Move

Pack an essentials bag, finish packing your belongings, collect all keys and garage door openers, and clean your new home.

On Moving Day

Wake up on time and get ready to move. Ensure there’s a clear path so that people helping you move don’t trip when carrying boxes to the track. Once everything is loaded, conduct a final walkthrough making sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

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