Closing Day: What To Expect as a First Time Home Buyer


You’re finally “clear to close,” so what comes next?

What Is a Closing?

A closing is a final meeting between buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you will sign all the documents needed to formally buy a home. If all goes as planned, you will complete your paperwork, hand the seller a check, and leave with the keys to your new home!

Who’s Invited?

Both buyers and sellers will attend, as well as a closing agent (generally an attorney). Financial advisors, personal attorneys, and real estate agents from both parties are also free to attend the closing.

The Big Day

The closing will likely be held in the office of the closing agent, though sometimes it is held in the real estate agent’s or mortgage company office.

You’ll spend the majority of your time (approximately an hour) signing a stack of official documents. Carefully review the paperwork you receive, and ask your closing agent to explain what needs clarifying.

Bring with you: government-issued photo IDs, your cashier’s check for the down payment, and your checkbook (for any last-minute fees).

Helpful Tip: According to, “A buyer’s contract usually allows for a walk-through of the home 24 hours before closing.”

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