Mortgage Questions

Mortgages are not always the easiest products to understand. But understanding your mortgage is important. We have dedicated this section of our website to offer information that will help you understand mortgages, mortgage terms and other bits of information. Of course, if you have a question that is not addressed within this site, give us a call or use our online contact form and we will respond to you with the answer to your question.


Mortgage Calculator

Try our mortgage calculator to find out now!

We have developed a simple mortgage estimator to assist you with determining what your monthly costs would be on a particular priced home. Please fill in the information requested and click “Calculate”.

Closing Costs

Closing Costs are fees paid by the borrower when property is purchased or refinanced. These typically include an appraisal fee, title search, title insurance, survey, taxes, deed recording fee, and credit report charges.

Application Information

When you visit First Lenders to inquire about your mortgage, we will need some information from you to expedite this process.

  1. Copies of your last 30 days of pay stubs
  2. Copies of your last 2 years W-2 Forms and tax returns including all pages and schedules.
  3. Copies of most recent 2 months of statements for checking, savings, investment, 401K, IRA, etc.
  4. Residency – A two year period of time must be covered. If you rent – names and addresses of landlord(s) and if you own a home, mortgage information such as account number, name and address of current lender.
  5. Work History – A two year consecutive employment period with employer’s name, address, and phone numbers
  6. A list of all current debts/obligations – including account numbers, monthly payments and balances.
  7. Exact address of the subject property; along with the legal description and approximate figures for homeowners insurance and property tax
  8. A copy of your driver’s license and social security cards.

Mortgage Terms

Our online glossary of mortgage terminology will make you a mortgage expert in no time!

Joel Brant, Mortgage Loan Types

Joel Brant
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Pamela Smith, Senior Loan Officer, Mortgage Loans

Pam Smith
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Judy Myers
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Jody Brand, Senior Loan Officer, Mortgage Loans

Jody Brant
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Barbara Hood
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